Fantasy Kitbash Project

Work In Progress / 06 May 2020

We have started a kitbash project that combines fantasy and middle age in general. We have planned this project as v1.0 and we will proceed by sticking to these goals. We will update the project as a version later on and finalize the project. 

Team Creating Progress - The team currently consists of these people. Finally, she joined us in Kübra Sanuç for small building models. The team both takes part in project management and takes part in the construction of the project.

Current team members are as follows;

Sabri Fırat Demir - Yağız Genç - Ali Topuz - Ömer Buğra Sivri - Kübra Sanuç

The programs used are as in the picture.

The final situation for the planning phase is as follows. We are still trying to create the asset list to be used.