Preparing For War

General / 22 February 2021

Hello I haven't posted a new update on medieval studies for a long time. As a matter of fact, my current system was no longer able to fully carry this work. You know, 1050TI or 8 GB ram etc. systems are not enough anymore. So I had to do some computer gathering. I recently started a formation for Patreon, I guess I'll continue where I left off. At least for this study.

In general, the building side of the work continues to develop continuously. For Prop, I think I'm lacking a little. The props that are required for the out I mentioned. I guess time is still needed for interiors.

However, the characters were very important, and I decided to devote some of my time to it. The character you will see below has the honor of being the first character of the project :) But I know it's not good enough. I can say that I made my first attempts using Marvelous. I hope I can get good reviews.

I've created and rendered a few new scenes. I will get renderings for the compositions but I am not ready yet. For now, I am promoting it with studio renderings. There have also been a lot of people asking about the character pack so I added it directly to the market. People from this article can ask for a discount from me. Or those who have been waiting for a long time may of course ask for a discount. Send it to me as a private message and I'll help.

At the same time, I think I will publish other works as a video or tutorial on my Patreon account first. If you want to support me in this matter, you can find the link below. I'm really new to Patreon. Maybe you can give your opinion.

I hope you like it. Good work :)

Patron Link :

Artstation Marketplace Link :

Kitbash Page :

Waiting For War Scene :

Preparing For War Scene :

Walking Formation Scene :

Charge Scene :

Sword And Shield Scene :

Clean Character Scene :

Have a great day :) - Sabri Firat Demir -

Medieval Wooden Kitbash Collection - SFDEMIR

General / 20 January 2021

Wooden Kitbash - Low Polygon PBR

ArtStation - Wooden Kitbash - Low Polygon PBR, Sabri Firat Demir 

Marketplace :

Hello everyone, I published the set which is the first part of the medieval series. Thank you to everyone who supported me in advance.

I want to show you a few scenes I prepared with this set. Really, by my calculations, a lot of things seem to be built with this set.

You can also get this set with 50% discount with winter sale. If anyone misses this discount and sends a ban, I will assist them with this later.

I intend to put together my own creations in the next sets. Thank you to everyone who bought this set right now and supported me in this regard.

Examples are as follows;

Medieval Wooden Crane 3D Model / PBR Texture

ArtStation - Medieval Wooden Crane 3D Model / PBR Texture, Sabri Firat Demir 

Medieval Wooden Brige 3D Model / PBR Texture

ArtStation - Medieval Wooden Brige 3D Model / PBR Texture, Sabri Firat Demir 

Medieval Wooden Crane 3D Model / PBR Texture

ArtStation - Medieval Wooden Crane 3D Model / PBR Texture, Sabri Firat Demir 

Medieval Wooden House 3D Model / PBR Texture

ArtStation - Medieval Wooden House 3D Model / PBR Texture, Sabri Firat Demir 

Thank you for being here and reading this article.


Medieval Kitbash Project - Beta

General / 04 January 2021

Hello friends, I've been working on medieval for a while. There are friends who follow this. So I decided to post this content.

First of all, thank you for your motivation and all the messages you sent. I will complete it very soon. As a matter of fact, I can say it's over. But I try to add as many different variations as possible, so it is important for me that it can really meet every need in the movie and game industry.

We try to do a lot of tests and needs analysis. Therefore, there is a lack of rendering and visualization. Thanks to everyone who offered support in this regard.

We continue the tests for now. I want it to be great when it's done.


Sabri Firat Demir -

Planet Alterion Scene - Bredown

General / 09 December 2020

Planet Alterion Scene - Bredown

Final Render : ArtStation - Planet Alterion, Sabri Firat Demir 

Thanks to Pamir Bal and Baha Yalnız who have always been the inspiration for the material display. Also thanks to the jedi :) Emrecan Çucukcu.

Thanks to Ömer Buğra Sivri for his support for lightning setups.

With the inspiration and support of these people, these works become more beautiful. :)

Post Production - Adobe Photoshop

In fact, creating planets can take a lot of work. Gaia, Terra, Max and ZBrush etc. for Surface Shapes. Many programs can be involved. This can sometimes create incredible chaos.

Much more important is to evaluate current planetary discoveries. Images of distant planets discovered can sometimes give us numerous references.

Planet Ring Creating

Alterion normally doesn't have rings. This is how I designed this planet. But the stage update I prepared for the material show seemed a little blank. So I decided to add short rings similar to saturn rings. This can add some color to the situation. Because now people are tired of the same impressions. This includes me.

Scene Creating - Lightning Build

It might be nice to slightly differentiate the standard impressions. Planets are generally displayed under the title of sci-fi. So I thought their modeling style would match this ball of material. It really isn't bad. My low contrast trials have not been successful. So I created some balance with linear contrast experiments.


Now I'm focused on generating planets and multiplying variation. Sometimes I want to use Terra to get extreme details. Sometimes I just can't wait for post production. It depends on my mood.

I do not have a standard coating structure, so I aim to speed up the production of variations. Maybe in the future I can do a study to transform it into a classical PBR structure.

But now I'm just focused on producing the planets and experimenting with light on the scenes.

Space images have always been very impressive for me. Like this.

It is proud to be able to bring these scenes to life and people to create different scenes and use these planets.

%60 Off This Week

Store Link : - Update (09.12.2020)

Product Page : ArtStation - Planet Alterion, Sabri Firat Demir - Update (09.12.2020)

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General / 29 November 2020

Mother Of The Earth - Tutorial

General / 04 September 2020

Medieval Wooden Kitbash Collection

General / 29 July 2020

Alpha Map Collection

General / 15 July 2020


SFDEMIR Slideshow Demo Reel

General / 17 June 2020

About Using Artstation

General / 13 May 2020

Neutrally. Personally, I would like to tell you a few things about being a humble artist in this industry for a long time.

why do we use artstation?

Artstation works to bring you to your target audience by using the most appropriate infrastructure. She values you and approaches you by seeing you from the family. I have nothing to do with artstation, I'm just a designer. I've never written a blog for a website before. Atstation is humble and really deserves this post like a family.

There are many website building apps around the world. If you have enough information, you can do it yourself. But as I say as a computer engineer, Artstation is a platform that allows you to make a very good and fastest website. In addition, you can do domain redirects to your website and provide you with the SEO service SSL service.

Also, websites allow CSS editing. Even if your website starts as a draft, it provides you with possibilities to make new pages, so you can create a hundred-page website, it's up to you.

I see people who have questions in mind. I tried everything you can be comfortable with. I constantly posted questions while making my website. They answered every problem and tried to solve it.

There is no robot in front of me, there are real people and they are constantly helping.
Artstation is really trying to bring you to your target audience.

Some questions come with me, I'm sure hundreds of them are delivered to the artstation team. For example, "why am I not on trends?" or "why am I not in selected studies?" There are artstation articles on this subject. Obvious.

I had asked these questions to myself for a long time. I said to myself, "Isn't my work as good as it is enough?" I asked.

You must continue patiently, friends, we are all artists, and we all work like every field of fine art. It only needs to be supported with some technical knowledge. Presentation means everything.

Artstation is waiting for you to do this and it does its best when you do.

SFDEMIR - Team Polymorph