Hello to everyone, After many years of kitbash work, I can say that we are finally ready to make a really detailed set. Everything is considered for this collection. I am continuing to work on this work, which is currently in alpha stage. My goal is for everything to be together. When I examined all the studies on medieval concepts, I took care to find what was missing in these studies. I want people to achieve full results with a single project. This project, which I continue as a personal project, will continue with the power of Poly Design Entertainment after the beta phase. For now, some asset shares in the study are being done. But it will take a little longer to collect all the sets in one scene. Structures, characters, swords, helmets, pillars, stones, boards, etc. With this collection, which will have many details, it is aimed to create exactly all concepts. At the same time, I am working separately for your messages about being suitable for 3D printing. Without forgetting, this work is designed with low polygon and PBR textures. So Unreal Engine Unity etc. will be created in game engine scenes. Do not worry :) As I said it will be really versatile and maximum deat when the work is completed. For now, you can access the parts of the works from the gallery below. Cheers,